Adventure Yacht Charters offers individual cabin bookings on the world’s top superyachts.

We offer Travel Agents and Clubs the unique opportunity to book by the cabin, opening up a less explored world to the discerning traveller.

All of our cabin bookings are tailored to ensure a seamless experience, covering every element of the client’s journey from logistics and flights to itineraries and equipment.

Each trip we run facilitates further research on our oceans, helping to ensure their survival for future generations.



Blanketed with ice and largely unspoiled, the pristine land of Antarctica offers some of the most awe-inspiring sights in the world. Discovering the region by yacht, gliding past icebergs and cruising to islands populated only with penguins, is a truly unique experience.

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Escape to the furthest reaches of the earth in the Arctic North to experience an untouched wilderness and unique wildlife in a setting both rugged and fragile. More polar bears than people live here among snowy peaks, gleaming glaciers, vast ice fields and blue-tinged icebergs, ever lit by the midnight sun during summer.

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South America

Experience the astonishing wildlife, wild landscapes and multicultural energy of Central & South America. Be swept up in the carnival and music of Rio, helicopter over the Amazon, escape to rainforests and encounter a vast range of wildlife - South America alone is home to the highest number of species anywhere in the world.

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From the unparalleled glamour of the Cote d’Azur to the golden-sanded beaches of the Greek Islands, and the wild landscapes of Corsica to the clifftop villages of the Amalfi Coast, the Mediterranean has an escape for every charterer. Discover the coastlines of the Mediterranean for yourself by yacht.

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South Pacific, East Asia & Australasia

From epic surfing to romantic beaches and paradise islands, life in the South Pacific & Australasia covers everything, with chic cities and natural wonders. Hike forests, climb mountains and dive coral gardens, then make an entrance in the harbours of Sydney and Auckland by arriving onboard your yacht.

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